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No doubt there isn’t a shortage of personal trainers to choose from, but finding a trainer that empowers you to implement his knowledge for yourself and feel confident doing so, now that is not such an easy find.

Tyrus Cox knows his stuff and knows not only how to train, but how to teach. He doesn’t employ the “do it because I said to” method. He really takes the time to help you understand what each exercise, supplement, and nutritional tweak is doing to help you improve your overall wellbeing. He also goes the extra mile for his clients, if he doesn’t know the answer, he finds out.

In addition to his knowledge as a personal trainer, he also instructs boxing, rpm, muay-thai, and jiujitsu. This well-rounded knowledge base enables him to relate his clients, no matter what their interests or goals may be.

And, I’ll admit, he can even tell a good joke every now and then!

Saridon Chambless

At my heaviest, I tipped the scales at 305 pounds. My parents have many health problems that can be helped by having a healthy diet and exercise, such as diabetes, heart disease and ulcerative colitis. I have always struggled with my weight and healthy choices. I have tried every diet fad and have had many personal trainers.

Taking one of Tyrus’ boxing classes helped change my life. When I first started, I had to walk in place for at least 45 minutes of the hour long workout which was incredibly disheartening and embarrassing to me. I had to ignore the bad voices in my head and keep telling myself I was doing well just because I kept moving. Tyrus approached me at my second class and told me what a great job he thought I was doing. He never treated me any differently than any other person. He gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to keep going. Thanks to his sincere encouragement, I booked some personal training sessions with him. He pushes me when he knows I need it and he encourages me when I try to give up.

Tyrus has trained me for the past 18 months. I have lost 75 pounds and more importantly have increased my fitness level. I can now jog 5 miles without needing a break. I can make it thru an entire hour of boxing class and this past weekend I finished a Spartan Sprint Race, which is 6 miles with 20 obstacles.

Tyrus always incorporates new workouts in our training sessions so boredom is never an issue. It seems that he puts so much thought into our workouts because they are always different and he ensures we work out every muscle group. I have had many different trainers in the past and I have never known any personal trainers that had the work ethic Tyrus does or cares about his clients as much. Tyrus even took time out of his personal life to run with our team at the Spartan. He made sure we made it through the obstacles and even helped other participants that were not on our team.

Thanks to Tyrus, my life has changed. Before working out with Tyrus, I was on the verge of having diabetes, I suffered from exercise migraines, and I was on blood pressure medication. I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood pressure is normal and I no longer suffer from exercise migraines.

Tyrus isn’t only great at helping people lose weight and get fit. He also trained my nephew in speed and agility for his football season. When the season started, my nephew was selected for the first string on his high school football team. His coach was quite impressed with how much he improved over the summer.

If you are looking for a trainer to help change your life or if you want to improve your athleticism, Tyrus is the trainer for you.

Tyrus is the best coach and leader a team can wish for. He took countless hours with us to get ready.

At the race, he helped everybody and even Spartans from other teams. He was always the last one to go through the obstacle to make sure all of us were fine. He told us to "trust the process" when training. And it paid off.

The race was way more fun than it was work. Tyrus, you are the best!